You've finally made it!  After 9 long months of waiting to get the first glimpse of a precious face, a peek at those toes, a kiss on their nose you little one is finally here! 

​Before you know it that munchkin is going to be more awake and alert.  Sitting, crawling, standing, laughing, crying, smiling.  These first few days with your little one is when their at their tiniest and most sleepy and squishy and they will only be this little once.  It's time to capture those tiny fingers and toes, these sleepy moments when you can love on them as much as you want.  

This is the heart of my passion.  When I say I love newborns, I mean it.  I adore newborns.  Working with these tiny people is where my heart and soul is.  When I am working with your newborn you can relax and watch the magic happen knowing that your little one is safe with me and soon enough you will have these cherished memories to take home with you, put on your walls, and show off to all of your friends and family. 

newborn, child & family photography