You are assisting in a miracle.  The sleepless nights, random cravings, midnight trips to the bathroom, and getting to park in the front row at the grocery store are your normal way of life right now.  With every phase of parenthood challenges are thrown your way and pregnancy is the first of those trials.  This is a beautiful time in your life where your body is fulfilling its destiny and creating a new life.  Those tiny toes are developing, those tiny fingers reaching out for you.  That tiny heart is beating and full of life, waiting for the wondrous things you have in store.

Now is the time to capture these fleeting moments because before you know it that baby will be here in your arms, and you will be swept up in the life of parenthood.  When your baby is able to walk, and talk, and understand - he or she will see these images and ask about them.  Then you can watch the wonder in their eyes as they try to figure out just how they were able to fit.  Parenthood is about celebrating the small successes, and these are the moments you never want to forget.


newborn, child & family photography